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  • Arnie films I've watched recently

    I've been watching a lot of Arnie films recently. Partially this is as body building inspiration and partially because I've realised that he is the greatest and most charismatic actor of all time.

  • Against moderation

    When people want to change themselves, their habits, their lifestyles, the approach they usually take is to moderate or attenuate existing behaviour. We take what we are already doing, gently change it in the way that seems the least disruptive and painful and hope that over time we will gradually reach our desired state. We might see that we are physically unfit, and start trying to walk more instead of driving. Or we might realise that we drink too much and decide to try cut down the amount of alcohol we consume.

  • Big on hacker news

    Last week I wrote a little article entitled “Maybe you should do less ‘work’”. I posted it on hacker news and it did numbers. An hour after posting it, it had one upvote. This was already a bigger success than anything else I’ve written. Then suddenly it was near the top of the homepage. And then it quickly blew through the limits of the analytics tool I use.

  • Maybe you should do less 'work'

    Working in tech, I've observed developers who work as hard as possible when they don't need to. I'm here today to tell you that it's a bad idea and you shouldn't do it.

  • Linking in to LinkedIn

    I logged into LinkedIn today hoping to congratulate ex-colleagues on their new roles and pursue shadowy offers from normy recruiters. LinkedIn saw its opportunity and pounced. It informed me that I needed to improve my intentionally spare profile. That doing so would mean more and better shadowy offers from more and better normy recruiters.

  • Some stuff I did this week

    Hey! Long time no see. Anyway, here's some stuff from the past week or so.

  • YikesScript

    Recently at work an seemingly innocuous dependecy bump caused a rash of typescript errors to appear throughout our code base. The changes seemed benign - a new method in an internal library and a few dependabot updates to go with it. Nothing, it seemed, that should cause these errors:

  • The Mezzanine

    In The Mezzanine a young businessman reflects on objects as he goes about his lunch hour.

  • A Second Solaris

    For the second evening in a row, we watched Solaris. If you read my previous psot, you'll that there was some confusion about whether or not George Clooney would appear in the 1972 Russian masterpiece. This time it was immediately clear that George Clooney would be appearing because we were watching the 2002 adaption of Solaris from acclaimed director of Magic Mike and The Ocean's 11 franchise Steven Soderbergh.

  • Seeing Solaris

    Every year the Arsenal Kino in Berlin holds a Tarkovsky retrospective... Except last year when they didn't. This year they're back with a bang! By which I mean they are showing Tarkovsky's films again.

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