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  • A Second Solaris

    For the second evening in a row, we watched Solaris. If you read my previous psot, you'll that there was some confusion about whether or not George Clooney would appear in the 1972 Russian masterpiece. This time it was immediately clear that George Clooney would be appearing because we were watching the 2002 adaption of Solaris from acclaimed director of Magic Mike and The Ocean's 11 franchise Steven Soderbergh.

  • Seeing Solaris

    Every year the Arsenal Kino in Berlin holds a Tarkovsky retrospective... Except last year when they didn't. This year they're back with a bang! By which I mean they are showing Tarkovsky's films again.

  • Start Small, Stay Small

    I've recently been thinking about starting a small startup of my own, not with any intention of doing anything big, but instead of having some stupid little product that I can tinker with. I want to do this in order to learn some new skills, system design, customer management, design design, etc. So Start Stall, Stay Small by Rob Walling seemed like a useful thing to read.

  • Yayoi

    We took the day off work today to go to see the Yayoi Kusama retrospective at Gropius Bau. It seems like she has become increasingly popular in the age of social media, probably because so many of her artworks are very well suited to posing in front off.

  • Changes

    I recently failed in my attempts to review every book I read. I think partially this was caused by my going on holiday, but mainly it because the format I choose, of writing one big post about everything I read in a month, was painful to write. It was too big of a burden, everything had to be finished at the right time, the size of the posts meant that they were basically unreadable, and I was confused about how to handle books the I was reading across several months. I was moving some half written notes about Anais Nin's diary from month to month starting from January, until I gave up.

  • What I'm reading - April 2021 (Hamlet edition)

    I've not read much this month. After reading a lot for the past few books I was feeling that I'd not taken enough time over each book. I didn't seem to have much to say in these notes. Instead this month I wanted to read a few books deeply and write more extensively about them.

  • You can't change a promise

    I've recently understood JavaScript promises and thus realised I hadn't understood them the past few years that I have spent as a 'professional' JavaScript developer.

  • What I'm reading March 2021

    I'm hesistant to write about this book, it covers serious topics and I don't feel good enough at writing to say anything worthy of its gravity.

  • Rendering Go problems on the blog

    I'm currently learning to play Go/baduk, and I thought that it would be nice to include sections of a Go board on this website. I didn't really want to do it through taking screenshots of OGS. Additionally, as a Vim user, I was determined that I shouldn't have to use a mouse or GUI to share go problems. Instead I've made a Vue component that lets me type a Go board into my markdown files.

  • What I'm reading February 2021

    I was put onto this short book by 'The Longing for Less' which I read last month. It is an exposition of traditional Japanese aesthetics, and the loss of these aesthetics due to modern electric lights, heating, glass windows, etc. The book talks about experiences which probably no longer exist, and which are by their nature too ephemeral to have been effectively recorded, other than in prose.

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