What I saw at superbooth

I went to superbooth, the world's premiere synthesizer expo. I arrived at 1pm, feeling pretty tired having been out till the early hours listening to electronic music in some distant sandy forest. Superbooth largely consists of tents blasing electronic music in a sandy forest. Such is life in Berlin.

I walked around by myself for a bit, then with my friend Jonathan. Here's some of the cool stuff we saw.

Red Room (Rhodes)

red room

This Twin Peaks inspired room was full of Rhodes e-pianos. I played one for a bit and can confirm that they are very cool, but that I don't really see why you would want one. Maybe if you are rich, have lots of space and really like electric pianos. Otherwise I don't get it.

Mystic Circuits Video Synthesizers

video synths

I saw the guy from mystic circuits demoing this to someone at the end of the day. He seemed pretty exausted by three days of doing product demos, and to be honest I don't really understand how video synths work. So I can't really tell you anything about what these things do. But it looked very cool.

Vermona Drum Sequencer

I'm not sure if the person running this booth was really trying to demo the modules or the drum machine attached to them. This module seemed like the most interesting onen of the two though. The sliders control the % chance that a certain trigger is sent. So you can easily have a steady 4/4 rythmn with occasional grace notes, or create very confusing drum lines. I think this would be great for techno stuff.

The Gong is a Speaker

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Big Buchla Sign

There is nothing particularly exciting to me about whatever the current Buchla company is. But I did like this sign

This Sink

I have no explanation for this sink.

The Mir Space Station

Special Advertising at the Nearest Station

Incredile Truck

Fantastic Deal


I really enjoyed Superbooth. I saw some cool stuff, met some nice people, ate some nice food. The venue was beautiful, and the attendees all seemed nice - and surprisingly varied. I only went for one day this year, and felt that it wasn't really enough time to see everything. I didn't watch many performances or talks, and there was a lot of equipment I'd have liked to spend more time messing with. Next year I would go again, and probably for more days.