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Rosalía's coca cola

The new coca cola flavour tastes the way that a popcorn flavoured ‘smelly gel’ pen smells.


It tastes like something that you shouldn’t put into your body. If I twist my brain the right way, I can pick up hints of coconut, or cream soda. Maybe it’s almost like an artificial pina colada?


In Germany this drink is being sold under the name ‘Movement’, but weirdly it seems to be called ‘Move’ in other territories. It’s the latest in the line of ‘Coca Cola Creations’, which is a scheme where Coke release minor variations of their popular soft drink and refuse to tell you what they taste like. The previous flavours include ‘Starlight’, ‘Byte’, ‘Marshmello’s Limited Edition Coca-Cola’ and ‘Dreamworld’.

Ranking the Coca Cola Creations that I have tried

  • Starlight - Almost indistinguishable from normal coke, but slightly fruity. Does not taste like space, unless space tastes of fruity coca cola. 4/5
  • Movement / Move - A truly foul drink. 2/5

What next

I will continue to try all of the other flavours if I can find them. Let me know if you can hook me up.


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