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Please Add an RSS Feed to Your Website

When I'm surfing the World Wide Web, and I find a nice website with interesting writing on it, I usually try to subscribe to it via RSS. But sometimes there is no RSS feed there, and that is very sad.


I subscribe to a lot of RSS feeds, which is really nice. These feeds afford a constant deluge of interesting things that I could read, and in fact, more than I actually can read. I've noticed that this has lessened my desire to check social media. I've replaced an endless stream of "content" algorithmically optimised for engagement with an endless stream of "content" that isn't really optimised for anything at all.

This is becoming one of my main entrypoints into the internet, however this does mean that if I find a website that doesn't have an RSS feed I will probably forget that it exists and will never visit it again.

So please, if you don't have an RSS feed on your website, add one! They're really great. They're also relatively easy to make. You can see the implementation of this website’s RSS feed here - it's fairly straightforward and, in my RSS reader at least, it works :)

By the way, I’m currently using the RSS reader app “Reeder”. It’s fine, but I feel like it could be better and more vibey. If you have any suggestions for other RSS readers please send them in to the usual address.


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