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Arnie films I’ve watched recently

I've been watching a lot of Arnie films recently. Partially this is as body building inspiration and partially because I've realised that he is the greatest and most charismatic actor of all time.

Here are some short reviews of the films I've seen recently.

Terminator 2

Incredible. The best action film I’ve ever scene. This film takes the paper thin concept of the first film and runs with it in a really smart way. Sarah Connor tries to warn people about her experiences with the Terminator, naturally everyone thinks that she's mad. She's locked up in an abusive mental institute, and by the time we get to the action of the film she's completely cracked to the point that she can't trust anyone, whether human or robot.

Every action scene is glorious, the two chase sequences in particular are really nicely done.

There’s a child actor who isn’t awful. Arnie is in it. Something someting computers AI very of the moment reflects current concerns blah blah blah.


The one problem with this film is the too long and too boring final showdown. Every action film seems to have one of these. Why? I don’t know. Cut more.


Total Recall

Another great film. Arnie looks great in it. I particularly enjoyed how sweaty is in the first scene when he wakes from a nightmare. total

This film has style. It's got vibes. It's a real good time, and I never stopped being shocked by how ridiculously violent it is.



I really enjoyed this film up until the predator is introduced.

It starts with that handshake:


Then there's a delightfully weird chopper flight and then a the most over the top fire fight ever put on film. Then the predator arrives, and is painfully slow and clunky and stupid looking. The rest of the film is a bit of drag from this point. It's a shame because the cast are great - and this could have been a super film if it had been almost entirely different.

I did enjoy how there is no attempt to explain anything that happens in after the predator is introduced. What is the predator? We don't know. Why is it there? We don't know. Why was the film made? Unclear.

I recommend just watching the first half a hour and then imagining the rest of the film. I like to imagine something a bit like Snake Eater. This would mean you'd miss out on the scene where Carl weathers takes his top off though.


Next time

The next Arnie films I hope to watch and review are Running Man, Twins and Junior. I expect that they will all be good. If you have other suggestions for films I should watch please get in touch.


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