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Start Small, Stay Schmall

I've recently been thinking about starting a small startup of my own, not with any intention of doing anything big, but instead of having some stupid little product that I can tinker with. I want to do this in order to learn some new skills, system design, customer management, design design, etc. So Start Stall, Stay Small by Rob Walling seemed like a useful thing to read.

When I started this book I felt quite excited. But the book became a bit of a drag. It's full of useful advice about figuring out if a market is worth investigating, how to choose a price point etc. This laser focus on profit, and minimising time investment was not really what I was after though. This book will tell you that it's preferable to contract out development work, copy writing etc. It's really aimed at people who want to know how to make a micro business profitable, whereas I was probably just looking for something to get me excited about making a stupid little website.

If I go ahead with "microentrepreneurship" I will probably return to this book, and I'm think some of its lessons will be useful. But I worry that reading it might make you less likely to start a tiny business.


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