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Some New Features

I've just added a couple of new features to, let's say, celebrate the new year.



It's now possible to send webmentions to pages on this site. If you use a CMS that supports webmentions natively, it should pick up the link from the homepage automatically. If not, my blog posts will now contain another form which you can use to submit your webmentions.

Much like my comment system, nothing you post will see the light of the digital day without a nod of approval.


I've also added my own personal microblog platform—a one-person Twitter. This has two main purposes: It will allow me to easily send webmention replies, and it will let me post a pointless stream of consciousness stuff, but now on my own website.


I still need to automate the process of sending webmentions from my site. I also need to re-work the UI for adding comments and webmentions. Having both forms next to each other seems confusing and awkward.


John Whiles - January 5, 2024

just setting up my twttr / testing the webmention feature

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