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  1. Under The Bridge With Four Tet & Friends by Ted Davis

    2-step rhythms, digitized kotos, and radio-ready samples cultivated a glittery, utopian atmosphere. A sea of Online Ceramics-clad young professionals smiled.

  2. I’d like to buy a tiny touch ID sensor that I can put near my laptop.

  3. Review of Lauren Oyler’s No Judgment by Ann Manov

    “Oyler clearly wishes to be a person who says brilliant things—the Renata Adler of looking at your phone a lot”


  4. Richard Sapper was a genius, but ThinkPads are very ugly

  5. I remember and miss the days when the “Menswear Guy” wrote an interesting blog rather than fighting people on Twitter.

  6. It’s quite amazing how broken Tumblr is now. I can’t even successfully sign up for a new account.

  7. Jacob Marley: “it feels good to be scrobbling again”

    Robert Marley: “it feels good to be doing anything again!”

  8. My Chemical Romance are unusual in that their choruses are often the weakest part of their songs.

  9. Please, just a crumb of capital gains tax on property

  10. Interesting that you only have to say “This is not medical advice” when you’re about to give medical advice

  11. Interesting that you only have to say “This is not investment advice” when you’re about to give investment advice.

  12. I’m like Dune but with a budget of 75 pence

  13. Can’t wait for email providers to start blacklisting senders who don’t take one click unsubscribe seriously

  14. I will soon be publishing a two hour long ambient album on cassette. Prepare yourselves.

  15. My natural eyebrow slit has never received enough respect.

  16. I watched a video tour of the world’s largest cruise ship expecting it to be fun and enlightening. It turned out to just be depressing.

  17. I need to let people format their comments on my blog. People are writing paragraphs, and then I‘m removing all their line-breaks and making it unreadable.

  18. If you put potatoes in bread, you get really good bread

  19. Not sure when it happened, but at some point I stopped saying trousers and started saying pants.

  20. The way that Swift handles errors seems really nice. Well done Swift.

  21. On Firefox you can’t highlight text on a Notion page. So you can’t copy text from Notion pages on Firefox. 😢

  22. I want to recommend Standard Ebooks - it’s a source of endless reading material, but with a bit more curation than Project Gutenberg.

    I just downloaded every single Sherlock Holmes story. Pumped.

  23. Johncom now supports webmentions by John Whiles

    just setting up my twttr / testing the webmention feature