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  1. Fixing a Memory Leak in a Ruby SideKiq Job25/01/2023
  2. Rating the Ramen I ate in Japan22/01/2023
  3. GUEST POST: Japan's hottest tunes right now21/01/2023
  4. Suggestions and Observations, Japan13/01/2023
  5. Fear and Loathing of The Terminal12/01/2023
  6. I've rebuilt this website too many times. I just did it again.10/01/2023
  7. Setting up my new computer, vim, and listening to Spotify in the terminal06/10/2022
  8. What I Read On Holiday12/06/2022
  9. Shaving Is Too Expensive. Also the world is out to get you06/05/2022
  10. Six things I sort of believe about making music/art23/04/2022
  11. Arnie films I've watched recently16/04/2022
  12. Against moderation09/04/2022
  13. Maybe you should do less 'work'26/03/2022
  14. Linking in to LinkedIn20/01/2022
  15. YikesScript24/10/2021
  16. A Second Solaris19/07/2021
  17. Seeing Solaris17/07/2021
  18. Start Small, Stay Small14/07/2021
  19. Local development with DynamoDB and JavaScript31/10/2020
  20. Tries Company20/11/2019

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